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With the ever more evident climatic changes and with the hotter summers and the colder winters it becomes necessary to find solutions. Fans are an indispensable and wearable accessory to counter the sultry heat of summer, an elegant decorative object to be displayed at home on a pedestal or a beautiful gift to give or receive.

If then to this set of uses we add the value and the beauty of having a fan entirely painted by hand, with freehand drawing and therefore not repeatable, then the creation becomes even more special.

The fans are in cotton fabric, decorated with fabric paint, washable. The size of the fan makes it transportable in a handbag without being a burden and the colors are accents to cheer up and liven up every outfit it is associated with.

The themes chosen for the different fans vary. If you want a particular design, please contact us and we will do our best to create what you want

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