Rose Collection

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Rose Collection

A Rose Floral Themed Collection. Roses are one of the flowers that symbolize elegance, love and passion and one of the best known flowers in the world. 

The collection is created as a three-piece set with roses applied and entirely crocheted and sewn by hand. The set consists of the Hair clip for young girls or women to give a touch of color and personalization even to the hair, The ring intentionally showy but without being excessive and the roses as small, cute stud earrings that give an accent of color with their bright colors and ensure to be noticed even in your daily outfit.

Each piece can be purchased individually if you do not want the whole set.

The rose collection is available in different colors and shades but if a color is not present, do not hesitate to contact us and we will try to find the same color or the closest one to the color you want.

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