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a turquoise pair of handmade crochet cotton oval shape flat drop earrings
flat and lightweight cotton drop earrings
women drop earrings crocheted by hand
girls drop earrings handcrafted
sea inspired turquoise crocheted handmade drop earrings for her
bright turquoise color earrings for her
summer turquoise aqua earrings for women
sea inspired turquoise drop earrings with stainless steel fishhooks
earrings for womena and girls in a turquoise bright and fresh color

Turquoise handmade crochet oval flat drop earrings summer sea inspired

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Bright turquoise handmade crocheted oval shape drop earrings inspired by the summer sea color. The earrings are lightweight, non starched and flat. Perfect for women and girls. The fishooks are silver stainless steel. Size 4.5 x 7.5 cm. It is possible to personalize in other colors or required the gold stainless steel version of the fishhooks. Please contact us if you want a customisation. The item is handmade by a small company and cannot be mass-produced. We can create a limited number of it. The price reflects the quality of the creation, the time taken to create it and the material / packaging used. Copyright- Le Muse di Scicli

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