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Hearts Gender Reveal Gift Newborn Male Female Baby Shower

Regular price €25,95 Sale

A handmade creation for an original genre revelation.
Every newborn is a piece of heart and a new arrival is a wonderful experience, so why not celebrate and surprise everyone with a handmade crochet heart for your special little boy / girl.

A perfect gift for mom and dad. It is safe for children as it is made of wool and filled with soft hypoallergenic cotton.

It can be used as a decoration for a children's room, hung as a mobile accessory in a cot / crib or attached to strollers. It is a strategic toy that your child will not resist playing with.

Sold in a set of two (one light blue and one pink).

The size of each heart is 11 x 10.5 x 2.5cm (15.5 with string).