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handmade crochet Red heart decoration for your home, bedroom or nursery
red stuffed hanging heart for you
a romantic red heart for valentine's day, birthday gift, anniversary, new car, baby
a red heart to hang in your car, bedroom wall, cot mobile, nursery decoration
stuffed wool crocheted red heart
soft anf fluffy red heart ornament
romantic and fluffy gift fot her or for him
love symbol red heart for your special one
wool crocheted handmade red heart to hang

Red heart to hang in crochet wool Decorative ornament

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Soft red heart decoration made with the crochet technique. They are really soft and padded with hypoallergenic wadding. A romantic hanging decoration in your bedroom, car, kid's room, home. Material: cotton and soft wool. Ideal gift for a child, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, girlfriend, friend, anniversary or just a gift for yourself to decorate your home, bedroom or hang in the car.

The item is handmade by a small company and cannot be mass-produced. We can create a limited number of them. The price reflects the quality of the creation, the time taken to make it and the material / packaging used.

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