Blue poppy brooch - Unisex - Crochet flower - Nature

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Blue poppy brooch
poppy brooch
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blue flower
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Blue poppy brooch - Unisex - Crochet flower - Nature

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This lovely unisex blue poppy brooch is a perfect crochet accessory for him or her. The brooch is handmade and the color is blue with a hint of purple. This accessory is crocheted and hand-sewn, so each piece is different and unique. We use good quality materials such as DMC yarn and a silver plated brooch base (25mm). The dimensions are approximately 2 x 4 cm. This romantic brooch will enrich your daily outfit or your special occasion. A unisex brooch that could be used by him as a buttonhole, or by her as a decoration on a coat or dress. Each item is an object inspired by nature.

The item is handmade by a small company and cannot be mass-produced. We can create a limited number of them. The price reflects the quality of the creation, the time taken to make it and the material / packaging used.
Copyright - The Muses of Scicli

Did you know? The blue color is not very common in nature, especially in flowers. Our blue poppy is inspired by the blue Himalayan poppy. The blue poppy or Meconopsis is a genus of the Papaveraceae family. The first description of the blue poppy was written in 1814 by the French botanist Virguier. Blue poppy is considered to be one of the most natural, delicate and beautiful blue flowers.